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Alliance Memory

Alliance Memory, Inc. is a fabless semiconductor company specializing in Fast Asynchronous products, including low power SRAM and SDRAM. Alliance Memory features a Fast SRAM line-up that includes densities ranging from 64k to 4M Fast SRAM in both the x8 and x16 configuration. Alliance Memory's product line of legacy memories supports the industrial and communications markets.


Newest Products From Alliance Memory

  • Mobile DDR Mobile DDR

    04/29/2014 Uses a double data rate architecture to achieve high-speed operation.

  • DDR3 Synchronous DRAM DDR3 Synchronous DRAM

    03/05/2014 High speed double-data-rate transfer rates of up to 1600 Mb/sec/pin for general applications.

  • Synchronous DRAM Synchronous DRAM

    01/31/2014 Designed to comply with DDR2 DRAM key features such as posted CAS# with additive latency, Write latency = Read latency -1 and On Die Termination.

  • DDR1 Synchronous DRAM DDR1 Synchronous DRAM

    01/17/2014 Well suited for applications requiring high memory bandwidth and high performance.