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Johanson Technology

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Johanson Technology produces superior High Frequency Ceramic Solutions through optimization of ceramics, inks and RF circuit designs. With over 20 years of experience, Johanson Technology can provide both standard and custom technology solutions tailored to your specific RF/Microwave applications. Their software design tools, library of more than 20 dielectric materials and various metal systems, and thin-film and thick-film manufacturing capabilities enable the company to produce components that are ideally suited to customers' specific needs.


Newest Products From Johanson Technology

  • nRF51822 and nRF51422 Front-End Passive nRF51822 and nRF51422 Front-End Passive

    07/18/2014  6-pin EIA 0603 ceramic passive device for Nordic Semiconductor nRF51xx chipset.

  • RF Baluns RF Baluns

    09/25/2013 Offer a variety of differential impedances that meet specific balanced impedance needs.

  • Balun Filter Combos Balun Filter Combos

    09/24/2013 Combines RF Baluns and LPF/BPFs into small compact EIA packages.

  • Chip Antennas Chip Antennas

    09/23/2013 Offer SMD manufacturability and high gain performance in small form-factor designs and applications.