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Luminus Devices

Luminus Devices is a global leader in the design and manufacture of optoelectronic devices, assemblies, and densely populated circuit board designs. Luminus Devices products range from light pipes, discrete LEDs, mounts and holders, to PCB packaging and assemblies.


Newest Products From Luminus Devices

  • CBT-39-UV LEDs CBT-39-UV LEDs

    05/14/2015 Emits photons uniformly over the entire LED chip surface and provide intense optical power densities.

  • XNOVA Mid-Power White LEDs XNOVA Mid-Power White LEDs

    07/22/2014 State-of-the-art LEDs allow illumination engineers and designers to develop lighting solutions with maximum efficacy, brightness and overall quality.

  • XNova Chip-on-Board COB LEDs XNova Chip-on-Board COB LEDs

    04/07/2014 A complete lighting class solution designed for high performance illumination applications.

  • SBT-70 Big Chip Round LEDs SBT-70 Big Chip Round LEDs

    04/08/2013 Perfect solution for applications defined by circular aperture, featuring photonic lattice technology & low thermal resistance.