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Audiophiles: The Battles Rage On Barry Manz
I’ve always been fascinated by the audiophile community, as it strives to achieve the absolute best possible audio fidelity, and in the late ‘60s and ‘70s I read magazines like Stereophile, The Absolute Sound, and yes, Stereo Review and High Fidelity cover to cover. I marveled at the insanely-expensive equipment I couldn’t possibly afford but did everything I could within my severely restricted budget to create a system that delivered high-quality audio. I treated my (now-scorned) Shure V15 Type IV cartridge and records like they were gold, built my own speakers, and performed rudimentary testing on them. I was in pseudo-audiophile heaven.

IoT Roll-out Highlights Security Concerns Steven Keeping
It’s a familiar pattern; a new technology is introduced, everyone gets excited about its potential and then a seasoned engineer inquires if it can be exploited by the bad guys. Such security questions are now being asked about the Internet of Things (IoT); a network currently under development that makes today’s Internet look tiny in comparison.

USB Type-C™ Explained Lynnette Reese
I was intrigued to hear that Brian Leung, a Google engineer working on the Chromebook Pixel, had gone on a one-man crusade to help early adopters of USB Type-C technology (used in the Pixel) to review Type-C cables online to weed out the ones that were not USB Type-C spec compliant. Turns out that this amazing connector that will de-clutter our lives by channeling up to 10 Gbps data and 100W power in one small cable has many not-quite-right cables flooding the market.

Autonomous Vehicles are Rapidly Becoming a Reality Mike Parks
Every major automobile manufacturer is working on them. The potential of autonomous vehicles is also attracting new participants, including Tesla Motors and Alphabet Inc., née Google. Interestingly, a mere eight days after Alan Mulally stepped down as the CEO of Ford Motor Company, he joined the board of Google. It’s even rumored that Apple is trying to find a suitable business partner for the same.

The Truth Is Still Out There. And We’re Still Looking. Barry Manz
Contact is one of my favorite films, based on Carl Sagan’s book of that name, in which a great cast searches for and (thanks to scientist Jodie Foster) finds proof of alien life. There’s lots of cool RF stuff in that movie, and in many respects it pretty accurately depicts technology in action. You may have to forgive the formulaic “true believer bests the bureaucracy” element of the film. Of course, neither before nor since the film’s 1997 release has the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI) found anything approaching “proof” of alien life.

Portable Power: Especially Useful on Pluto Arden Henderson
Imagine this. You have just parked your private space ship on Pluto, intrigued by all the recent NASA photos of the not-a-planet small wannabe-could-be-planet, and you realize your cell phone is on its last legs. Power-wise, that is. Not because you skipped the last two upgrades. What to do? For sure, here on Pluto, a zillion miles away from the sun, rigging up some sort of solar screen recharger thing is out of the question. Not that you can't do that and not because it wouldn't work (eventually) but because you need power fast. There are Pluto selfies to take and tweets to be tweeted.

Will Autonomous Vehicles Put Human Jobs in the Backseat? Sylvie Barak
While some believe driverless vehicles will completely disrupt traditional commerce, turning things like truck drivers and the $220 billion auto insurance industry into relics, others believe autonomous vehicles are coming just in time to fill a pressing need.

Milling About: CNC Routing a Circuit Board Mike Parks
Breadboards are fantastic for experimenting with a circuit design and testing components. Eventually, you will want to move to a more robust solution for a circuit that is intended to escape the confines of laboratory and bravely venture into the real-world.

Pumpkins, Open Sky and a Legend or Two, Thrown In David Fambrough
I confess. I’m a channel flipper. Blame it on having an over abundance of channels at my fingertips, or a short attention span. The more strange and odd the program or episode, the more likely I’m to stop and watch. That’s just how my mind works. The other day I stumbled across such a program on the Science Channel – Punkin Chunkin. You had teams lined up on the edge of an open field with their modern day catapults armed with pumpkins.

Wi-Fi Aware Raises Beacon Challenge Steven Keeping
Until now, Bluetooth® Smart has largely had a free run as the preferred communication technology for beacons – compact wireless proximity sensors that transmit a short-range radio signal advertising their position which can be picked up by compatible smartphones.

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