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AVX OxiCap® NbO Capacitors

AVX OxiCap® NbO Capacitors

NOS and NOJ OxiCap® Niobium Oxide (NbO) Capacitors from AVX are ideal for automotive applications. With higher ignition energy and lower burning rate than pure metal materials, OxiCap® capacitors will not burn up to the category voltage. Typically, overloads such as voltage spikes or high current surges result in increased leakage current and reduced capacitance. If subjected to these overloads, OxiCap® capacitors will continue to function at full capacitance. Low failure rates (0.5%/1000 hours for the NOJ series and 0.2%/1000 hours for low ESR NOS devices) make OxiCap® suitable for 8V rail voltage applications such as in-cabin entertainment systems, seat position modules, and airbag controls.

NOJ Series
  • Non-burn safe technology
  • Reliability level: 0.5%/1000 hrs.
  • CV range: 2.2-470μF / 1.8-10V
  • 7 case sizes in low profile available

NOS Series
  • Low ESR
  • Non-burn safe technology
  • Reliability level: 0.2%/1000 hrs.
  • CV range: 10-1000μF / 1.8-6.3V
  • 9 case sizes available

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