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Infineon 3rd Generation Reverse Conducting IGBTs

Infineon 3rd Generation Reverse Conducting IGBTs

Infineon's 3rd Generation Reverse Conducting IGBTs have been optimized for lower switching and conduction losses. Reduced power dissipation together with soft switching behavior allows better thermal performance and EMI behavior resulting in lower system costs. Excellent performance can be achieved at lower costs. Infineon RC-H technology has set the benchmark of Tj(max) of 175°C to offer higher lifetime reliability. Recent portfolio extension to 30A and 40A at 1200V and 1350V defines the new trend for higher power density and better reliability devices. 40A 1350V device is capable for switching up to 50kHz with VCE(sat) value of 1.65V at 25°C – a staggering 5% lower loss than the next best competitor.

  • Best-in-Class conduction properties in VCE(sat) and Vf
    • Lowest switching losses, highest efficiency
    • Tj(max) = 175°C
    • Soft current turn-off waveforms for low EMI
    • Higher breakthrough voltage VBR(min) = 1350V
  • Lowest power dissipation
    • Better thermal management
    • Surge current capability
    • Lower EMI filtering requirements

  • Reduced system costs
  • Excellent quality
  • Highest reliability against peak currents

  • Induction cooking stoves
  • Microwave ovens
  • Rice cookers
  • Solar
  • Other soft switching applications

Part Number


IHW20N135R3FKSA1 TO-247-3 1350 V 40.0 A 20.0 A
IHW30N135R3FKSA1 TO-247-3 1350 V 60.0 A 30.0 A
IHW40N135R3FKSA1 TO-247-3 1350 V 80.0 A 40.0 A
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