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Murata PKLCS / PKMCS Piezoelectric Sounders

Murata PKLCS / PKMCS piezoelectric sounders are available in two sizes, 9 x 9mm and 12 x 12mm. The 9 x 9mm PKMCS is the world's smallest SMD PIEZO sounder and features a wide frequency response with low current consumption making it ideal for applications that require audio feedback and exceptionly compact size such as blood glucose meters, thermometers, and tracking devices. The 12 x 12mm PKLCS has no contacts making it highly reliable, with clear sound and no noise. Taking advantage of extensive acoustic and mechanical design technology and high performance ceramics, Murata has developed PKLCS / PKMCS Piezoelectric Sounders that suit the thin, high-density design of electronic equipment.

9 x 9mm PKMCS Features
  • The world's smallest SMD PIEZO sounder
  • Reflow soldering available
  • Wider frequency response compared to magnetic sounder
  • Low current consumption compared to magnetic sounder

9 x 9mm PKMCS Applications
  • Blood Glucose Meter
  • Thermometer
  • Tracking Devices
  • Any product requiring audio feedback and compact size

12 x 12mm PKLCS Features
  • Clear sound
  • Ultra thin and lightweight
  • No contacts: therefore, no noise and highly reliable
  • Low power consumption for voltage type
  • Tape & Reel supply

12 x 12mm PKLCS Applications
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Automotive Electronics
  • Industrial Process & Controls
  • Heath Care

Part Number Frequency Sound Pressure Level Operating Voltage Operating Temperature Range

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9 x 9mm PKMCS Chart
9 x 9mm PKLCS Chart

12 x 12mm PKLCS Chart
12 x 12mm PKLCS Chart

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