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Home » NEWEST Products » New by Manufacturer » Omron » Omron 2SMPP-02 MEMS Gauge Pressure Sensor
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Gauge Pressure Sensor

Omron 2SMPP MEMS Gauge Pressure Sensor

Omron 2SMPP MEMS Gauge Pressure Sensor is ultra miniature in size (6.1x4.7x8.2 mm) and offers low power consumption of 0.2 mW. The 2SMPP MEMS Gauge Pressure Sensor utilizes a Piezo Resistive element that provides electrical characteristics that are superior to capacitive type pressure sensors. In addition, Omron's pressure sensor has a 0 to 37kPa pressure range, low temperature influence, and RoHS compliance. Applications for these sensors include medical equipment, home appliances, air movement control, level indicators, leak detection, and pressure controllers.

NEW!  Omron has expanded the 2SMPP MEMS Gauge Pressure Sensor product line to now include the 2SMPP-03 series that offers most of the same characteristics as the 2SMPP-02, but with negative pressure rating -50 to +50kPa.

Terminal Arrangement

  • Negative pressure wound therapy
  • Home appliance
  • Air movement control
  • Level indicators
  • Leak detection
  • Pressure controller 
  • Medical equipment

Omron 2SMPP MEMS Gauge Pressure Sensor

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Electrical Characteristics

Application Circuit for MEMS Pressure Sensor
Omron 2SMPP MEMS Gauge Pressure Sensor Application Circuit

  • Omron
  • Electromechanical|Sensors