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Home » NEWEST Products » New by Manufacturer » Hirose Electric » Hirose TM25R Series RJ-45 Modular Jack
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Hirose Electric TM31 Series Modular Plugs

Hirose TM25R Series RJ-45 Modular Jack

Hirose's TM25R Series includes an RJ-45 Modular Jack with a foldable open-close structure for super-slim device designs. Compatible with common interfaces such as USB standard and HDMI, the TM25R Series RJ-45 Modular Jack features an optional flip-top hold down chassis design, secure grounding structure, and RJ-11 plug mis-insertion prevention. With a closed 6.6mm height from PCB surface, the TM25R Series RJ-45 Modular Jack enables users to design the industry's most super-slim devices to date.

  • Foldable open-close structure allows super slim device design
  • Reusable flip-top when it comes off
  • Optional flip-top hold down chassis design
  • Secure grounding structure
  • RJ-11 plug mis-insertion prevention
  • RoHS compliant

Hirose TM25R Series RJ-45 Modular Jack

  • Hirose Electric
  • Connectors|Connector-Telecom & Ethernet