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Home » NEWEST Products » New by Manufacturer » Intersil Corporation » Intersil Ultra-Low Noise Zero Drift Rail-to-Rail Precision Op Amps
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Intersil Ultra-Low Noise Zero Drift Rail-to-Rail Precision Op Amps

Intersil Ultra-Low Noise Zero Drift
Rail-to-Rail Precision Op Amps

Intersil's ISL28134 Ultra-Low Noise, Zero Drift Rail-to-Rail Op Amps are a single, chopper-stabilized Zero-Drift operational amplifier that is optimized for single and dual supply operation from 2.25V to 6.0V and ±1.125V and ±3.0V. The ISL28134 uses auto-correction circuitry to provide very low input offset voltage, drift and a reduction of the 1/f noise corner below 0.1Hz. The ISL28134 achieves ultra low offset voltage, offset temperature drift, wide gain bandwidth and rail-to-rail input/output swing while minimizing power consumption.

  • Rail-to-Rail Inputs and Outputs
    • CMRR @ VCM = 0.1V beyond VS: 135dB, typ.
    • VOH and VOL: 10mV from VS, typ.
  • No 1/f Noise Corner Down to 0.1Hz
    • Input Noise Voltage: 10 nV/√Hz @ 1kHz
    • 0.1Hz to 10Hz Noise Voltage: 250nVP-P
  • Low Offset Voltage: 2.5μV, Max
  • Superb Offset Drift: 15nV/°C, Max
  • Single Supply: 2.25V to 6.0V
  • Dual Supply: ±1.125V to ±3.0V
  • Low ICC: 675μA, typ.
  • Wide Bandwidth: 3.5MHz
  • Operating Temperature Range
    • Industrial: -40°C to +85°C
    • Full Industrial: -40°C to +125°C
  • Packaging
    • Single: SOIC, SOT-23, μTDFN (1.6mmx1.6mm)
  • Medical Instrumentation
  • Sensor Gain Amps
  • Precision Low Drift, Low Frequency ADC Drivers
  • Precision Voltage Reference Buffers
  • Thermopile, Thermocouple, and other Temperature Sensors Front-end Amplifiers
  • Inertial Sensors
  • Process Control Systems
  • Weight Scales and Strain Gauge Sensors
Typical Schematic
Typical Schematic
  • Intersil Corporation
  • Semiconductors|Integrated Circuits|IC-Amplifier