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Lumex QuasarBrite™ UV LEDs

Lumex QuasarBrite™ UV LEDs

Lumex QuasarBrite™ UltraViolet (UV) LEDs offer enhanced durability with their robust TO-46 packaging and glass lens. They combine longer lifespan, increased cost and energy savings, and superior light performance. These Lumex UV LEDs feature an innovative design that leads to less degradation over the 50,000-hour lifespan of the devices. QuasarBrite UV LEDs are available in 355nm, 365nm, 375nm, 385nm, 405nm, and 415nm wavelengths at 4-6mW. These LEDs have up to 70% lower energy consumption than CCFL technology, and are ideal for a wide range of applications including medical devices, industrial controls, and forensic applications.

  • Longer lifespan: greater than 50,000 hours
  • TO-46 package with glass lens in a through-hole format
  • Custom wavelengths are available
  • Chip material: InGaN
  • Lens type: water clear
  • Viewing angle: 80º
  • Bacterial and superficial sterilization
  • Counterfeit detection, photo catalysis
  • Biohazard detection
  • Medical
  • Industrial controls
  • Forensic applications
  • Test & measurement
  • Security
Part Number Datasheet Peak Wavelength Power Output
SSL-LXTO46355C Datasheet
355nm 0.3mW
SSL-LXTO46365C Datasheet 365nm 0.4mW
SSL-LXTO46375C Datasheet 375nm 1.3mW
SSL-LXTO46UV1C Datasheet 385nm 4.0mW
SSL-LXTO46UV2C Datasheet 405nm 6.0mW
SSL-LXTO46UV3C Datasheet 415nm 6.0mW

Package Dimensions in mm

Package Dimensions

  • Lumex
  • Industrial|Lighting|Medical
  • Optoelectronics|LEDs