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Home » NEWEST Products » New by Manufacturer » Maxim » Maxim Integrated MAX9947 AISG Integrated Transceiver
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Maxim IC MAX9947 AISG Integrated Transceiver

Maxim Integrated MAX9947 AISG
Integrated Transceiver

Maxim Integrated's MAX9947 is the industry's first AISG-compliant fully integrated transceiver for base stations and tower equipment. The Maxim Integrated MAX9947 AISG integrated transceiver, which is the Electronic Products Magazine Product of the Year, offers a typical dynamic range of 20dB and integrates a bandpass filter that operates in the 2.176MHz frequency with a narrow 200kHz bandwidth. The MAX9947 transmitter integrates a bandpass filter that is compliant with the AISG spectrum emission profile. It can modulate OOK signals up to 115.2kbps. The output power can be varied with external resistors from +7dBm to +12dBm to compensate for loss in the external circuitry and cabling. The MAX9947 AISG integrated transceiver also features a direction output to facilitate the RS-485 bus arbitration in tower-mounted equipment. This Maxim Integrated device is designed for use in base stations and tower equipment.

  • Receiver Wide Input Dynamic Range
    • -15dBm to +5dBm in 50Ω
  • Variable Transmitter Output Level from +7dBm to +12dBm
  • AISG-Compliant Output Emission Profile
  • AutoDirection Output
  • No Need of Microcontrollers to Handle Bus Arbitration in Tower-Mounted Equipment
  • Supports All AISG Data Rates
    • 9.6kbps
    • 38.4kbps
    • 115.2kbps
  • Bandpass Filter Compliant with AISG Protocol Centered Around 2.176MHz
  • 3.0V to 5.5V Voltage Supply
  • Independent Logic Supply
  • Small, 3mm x 3mm 16-Pin TQFN Package
  • Base Stations
  • Tower Equipment
Block Diagram
Block Diagram
  • Maxim Integrated
  • Wireless
  • Semiconductors|Integrated Circuits|IC-RF