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PGS Thermal Graphite Sheets

Pyrolytic Graphite Sheets

Panasonic PGS Thermal Graphite Sheets are very thin, synthetically-made, highly oriented graphite polymer film that are ideal as a thermal management/heat-sink. The PGS Graphite Sheets are ideal for space-limited areas or to provide supplemental heat-sinking to existing areas. With excellent thermal conductivity (2 to 4 times higher than copper), Panasonic 's PGS Thermal Graphite Sheets are flexible (withstands repeated bending), can be cut into customizable shapes, and are available in three thicknesses: 0.10mm, 0.07mm, and 0.025mm. Recommended applications are cellular phones, DVC, DSC, PC and peripherals, pickup, semiconductor manufacturing equipment, and optical communications equipment.

Panasonic PGS Thermal Graphite Sheets

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Handling Precautions

Presentation (basic  properties, functions, applications)

  • Excellent thermal conductivity (2 to 4 times as high as copper, 3 to 6 times as high as aluminum)
  • Lightweight: Specific gravity : 0.85 to 2.1 g/cm3 (1/4 to 1/10 of copper, 1/1.3 to 1/3 of aluminum in density)
  • Flexible and easy to be cut or trimmed (withstands repeated bending)
  • Low thermal resistance
  • RoHS compliant
  • Cellular phone, DVC, DSC, PC and peripherals, pickup
  • Semiconductor manufacturing equipment (Sputtering, Dry etching, Steppers)
  • Optical communications equipment


Heat Conductivity of Materials

Heat conductivity (W/[m/K])

  • Panasonic