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Home » NEWEST Products » New by Manufacturer » STMicroelectronics » STMicroelectronics TD350E Advanced IGBT/MOSFET Driver
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STMicroelectronics TD350E Advanced IGBT/MOSFET Driver

STMicroelectronics TD350E Advanced

STMicroelectronics TD350E Advanced IGBT/MOSFET Driver is an advanced gate driver for IGBTs and power MOSFETs. Control and protection functions are included and allow the design of high reliability systems. The innovative active Miller clamp function eliminates the need for negative gate drive in most applications and allows the use of a simple bootstrap supply for the high side driver. The device includes a two-level turn-off feature with adjustable level and delay. This function protects against excessive overvoltage at turn-off in case of overcurrent or short-circuit conditions. The same delay set in the two-level turn-off feature is applied at turn-on to prevent pulse width distortion.

  • 1.5 A source/2.3 A sink (typ) gate drive
  • Active Miller clamp feature
  • Two-level turn-off with adjustable level and delay
  • Desaturation detection
  • Fault status output
  • Negative gate drive capability
  • Input compatible with pulse transformer or optocoupler
  • Separate sink and source outputs for easy gate driving

  • UVLO protection
  • 2 kV ESD protection (HBM)

  • 1200 V, 3-phase inverters
  • Motor control
  • UPS systems
Block Diagram
Block Diagram
  • STMicroelectronics
  • Power Management
  • Semiconductors|Integrated Circuits|IC-Power Management