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Yamaichi HF201 Series Automotive Connectors

Yamaichi's HF201 Series features low profile coaxial connectors that provide excellent high-frequency performance (VSWR 1.5 average value at 2.56GHz max.) while reducing reflection and transmission loss in automotive applications. The HF201 series consists of one or two-pin plug connectors with an insulating body on the cable side. The insulating body has one inner and one outer contact crimped to the coax cable. The plug connector is designed to be SMT solder mounted on the PCB. A locking mechanism placed between the plug connector and jack allows the connector to offer an extraction force up to 40N and provide highly reliable transmission characteristics even when exposed to shock, vibration, and stress. The connectors are designed for coaxial cables up to 50Ω and high frequency applications up to 2.5 GHz. HF201's small outer dimensions makes the series well-suited for antennas, sensors, and audio systems with tight space requirements.

  • Excellent high-frequency performance (VSWR 1.5 average value at 2.56Ghz max.)
  • Reduces reflection and transmission loss
  • Downsized footprint
  • Locking mechanism with clear click withstands vibration and strain
  • SMT Mounting (PCB mounting type)
  • Crimp method enables easy assembly
  • RoHS Compliant
  • Antennas for terrestrial digital broadcasting
  • GPS antennas
  • Sensors
  • Car navigation
  • PND as well as other kinds of tuners
  • Yamaichi Electronics
  • Connectors|Connector-Automotive