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LEDs – Engines/Modules: Packaged Functional Assemblies - Amber/Orange

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LEDs - Engines/Modules: Packaged Functional Assemblies - Amber/Orange

LED Engines and LED Modules represent products that consist of integrated LED solutions. At present, there is no consistently used application definition used by LED suppliers on what an LED Engine or an LED Module specifically consists. Learn More

Category   Optoelectronics >  LED Lighting >  LED Bulbs & Modules >  LED Lighting Modules

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Dialight LLT9-A
Dialight LED Lighting Modules 9 LED 9W 225 Lumens Amber Lin. Array
Data Sheet Non-Stocked
1: $69.72
2: $67.93
5: $64.34
10: $59.35
25: View

Min.: 1
Mult.: 1
LED Light Engines 9 Amber 590 nm 102 mcd 13.5 mm 324 mm
Dialight LLT6-A
Dialight LED Lighting Modules 6 LED 6W 150 Lumens Amber Lin. Array
Data Sheet Non-Stocked
20: $43.47
30: $39.27
50: $37.96
100: $37.30
250: View

Min.: 20
Mult.: 10
LED Light Engines 6 Amber 590 nm 102 mcd 13.5 mm 324 mm
Dialight GU2AD
Dialight LED Lighting Modules Amber, 1.5W Diffused Lens
Data Sheet Non-Stocked
5: $269.61
10: $268.97

Min.: 5
Mult.: 5

LED Modules, Circular 1 Amber Bulk
Compare up to 20 parts.
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